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Quality of Life

La Crosse County is a great place for business investment because of our high quality of life, strong and diverse economy, low cost of living, exceptional healthcare and educational systems, and excellent transportation infrastructure.  The area is home to a talented and diverse workforce and is conveniently located in the heart of the driftless region and near many major metropolitan hubs.  Additionally, there is a wide range of support services available to businesses in the region, including access to resources such as small business incubators, venture capital, and business parks.  The county is also a great place for businesses to grow, with a wide range of potential customers, an abundance of natural resources, and a vibrant local culture.

Community Profiles

La Crosse County is a vibrant region in western Wisconsin that is home to a variety of communities from small towns and villages to larger cities. The region offers a diverse array of amenities and attractions, including arts and entertainment, outdoor recreation, and educational and cultural opportunities. La Crosse County is an ideal location for those looking for an enjoyable quality of life, with plenty of ways to stay active and connected to their neighbors.

La Crosse County

La Crosse County is located on the Mississippi River, in the southwestern region of Wisconsin in the United States.  It has an estimated population of 120,433 (2021).  The county is home to several major universities and hosts numerous outdoor recreational activities, making it a popular tourist destination.

We are the Wisconsin Option

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