Business Assistance

La Crosse County offers a variety of programs to help encourage business growth in the region.  We have provided the list of them below, for more information visit the La Crosse County website HERE.

Revolving Loan Funds - Participation Loans

Created to allow affordable financing to new businesses, start-ups, and business expansions that will help to create more jobs and stimulate economic growth in the county.  These funds are used for affordable and flexible loans that leverage other private financing and equity investments. To learn more, click HERE.

Revolving Loan Fund - Micro Lending

This fund was created to provide small loans to start-ups and growing small businesses.  These loans are for small businesses that have had difficulty getting access to lending. To learn more, click HERE.

Innovation and Diversification Grant

This program was created to assist businesses in acquiring customization consulting to aid in completing innovative projects with the main goal of expanding product lines or markets.  This grant is meant to achieve greater diversification and job growth. To learn more, click HERE.

Acquisition and Demolition Grant

This program was designed to help facilitate the finances needed for redevelopment in mature La Crosse County neighborhoods with deteriorating housing stock and other housing opportunities. To learn more, click HERE.

Solid Waste Disposal Grant

This program is open to applicants of the Acquisition Demolition Grant program, and offers additional benefits through the waiver of disposal fees and/or demolition fees. To learn more, click HERE.